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About Us

Learn More About Hinson Management, Inc.

Our Mission

Hinson Management, Inc. began in 1982 with a very small number of rental properties. Over the next thirty-seven (37) years the company has grown in both the number of units managed and the quality of housing offered. Today, Hinson Management, Inc. is the largest property management company in Spartanburg, specializing in high end rental housing and commercial real estate. 


Being a family business allows us to thoughtfully meet the needs of those looking for the perfect place to live, whether it is a couple of single V-Comm students or a family with five (5) children, they all need our help. Jenneane, President of Hinson Management, Inc., deals with the daily business operations while her son, Greg, secures new rental properties and works with the owners. His wife, Candy takes rent and pays bills along with their son, Jeremiah who takes service requests and gives out keys to vacant properties. We are extremely blessed to have such a wonderful family who have lived in Spartanburg and the surrounding areas for most of their lives and are more than willing to help find that perfect place. 


As the economy in Spartanburg continues to grow, we will be growing with it! 

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